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Youth Leaders


Non-Profit Managers

Preparing Muslim Leaders to serve Islam and the North American Muslim Community

Our nation needs scholars and leaders just like you to serve the American-Muslim community while promoting a greater understanding of Islam throughout contemporary society.

The Islamic Seminary of America, an Islamic Seminary Foundation institution, is a lighthouse of knowledge and faith devoted to equipping American-based leaders. We aspire to raise the general level of Islamic understanding within the American Muslim community and throughout American society. Let us help raise you to a new level of growth in your desire to live out Muslim ideals of justice, equity and contribution to the common good.

Who we are. What we do


Our mission is to cultivate generations of world class doers and thinkers who lead from an Islamic paradigm while engaging contemporary challenges and opportunities.
What we aspire to be


Our vision is a world constantly bettered by religious scholarship and ethical leadership.

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Visionary Leadership Awardees 2022

The Center for Ethical & Effective Organizational Leadership (CEEOL) in partnership with Rabata, Maristan & TISA is proud to present: Visionary Leadership Awards 2022 and a leadership grant awarded to the most competitive DFW applicants. Ayesha Habeeb I have been in the Dallas area for around 8yrs Alhamdullilah.I’m a Faith Ambassador with CAIR, a revert...

Dr. Mona Islam Joins TISA Visiting Faculty

Dean Dr. Yasir Qadhi recently announced that Dr. Mona Islam has been appointed to teach TISA – 866 “Effective Youth Work” in the Fall of 2023. Also, the Board of Directors of the Islamic Seminary Foundation/TISA recently appointed her to TISA’s Compliance / Accreditation committee.  Dr. Islam is an educator, published author, a youth worker and community builder who...

Maliha Malik, LMFT, Joins TISA as Visiting Faculty

For the current fall semester, Dean Yasir Qadhi is pleased to announce that Maliha Malik, LMFT is joining Professors Rania Awaad and Jimmy Jones in teaching TISA-650, Cross-Cultural Counseling and Communication.   “As a seasoned marriage and family clinician, Professor Malik perfectly complements the skills and backgrounds of Professors Rania (a licensed psychiatrist) and Jimmy (a veteran...


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