Message from Dr. Yasir Qadhi

Dean of Academic Affairs

As Dean of Academic Affairs, I welcome you and encourage you to explore the various options you have at TISA for:

  1. Pursuing a career as imam, scholar, or chaplain by obtaining the necessary graduate degree, or
  2. Upgrading your professional skills to better serve the Muslim community in mosques, relief organizations, or other Muslim non-profits.
  3. Realizing your dream of systematically studying Islam.

Types of Students at TISA

There are three types of students, who can enroll at TISA:

  • Regular Student - desires to pursue a degree or certificate and therefore takes courses for credit.
  • Auditor - does not desire a degree or certificate but wishes to participate in the classes; these students do not get credit for courses, but they do receive a certificate of attendance.
  • Digital Attendee - wants only to benefit from listening in on courses; they do not receive a certificate of completion.

Graduate Degrees

TISA offers three Master Degrees

  • Master of Arts in Islamic Studies
  • Master of Arts in Nonprofit Management
  • Master of Divinity (MDiv)

Graduate Certificates

TISA offers two Graduate Certificates

  • Graduate Certificate in Islamic Studies
  • Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management