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Scholarship Opportunities

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The PIOUS - Farooq I. Selod Scholarship is named after Dr. Farooq I. Selod (d. May 2020), a respected medical doctor who was very civically engaged in both the Muslim community and the broader US society. His passion for the type of Muslim leadership training offered by The Islamic Seminary of America (TISA) was evident from the moment he was elected to TISA board in July of 2017. During his almost 3 year tenure, he made a great, positive impact on TISA’s growth. He served as board treasurer and as a founder of the TISA Endowment Fund, while always giving sage advice on a variety of critical issues. With that special twinkle in his eye, he had a kind word for just about everyone that he met. This scholarship represents part of Dr. Selod's significant legacy to the Muslim community and the society at large.


PIOUS – Farooq I. Selod Full Tuition and Expense Scholarship – 2 Years Full Time
Master of Arts in Islamic Studies (48 credits)
Concentrations available: Islamic Sciences and Religious Leadership

PIOUS is indeed excited to partner with the The Islamic Seminary of America (TISA) in embarking on a noble and ambitious project for young men and women by providing for them, a forum and opportunity to pursue Islamic scholarship, research, training and education to become strong voices for a balanced Islam in the United States. Therefore, in the view of the common Vision and Objectives of TISA and PIOUS, the Board of PIOUS have unanimously agreed to offer two full scholarships to Muslim students per year for two years, starting the Fall of 2022 semester full time, to pursue their noble and ambitious cause in acquiring a degree or diploma when they enroll in the curriculum offered by TISA with the following conditions:

1. The student must be a Muslim belonging to “Ahle Jama’at Wa Sunnah”, and will fulfill the academic requirements set by the TISA Academic Council, including a sound Islamic knowledge base as evidenced by formal study prior to being admitted to TISA.

2. After successful completion of the courses and after acquiring the diploma, the graduate must serve in the spirit of Islam as determined by TISA for a period of two years, for at least 20 hours per week in North America.

The above conditions are required by PIOUS in order to fulfill its Mission and Vision.

The above description is adapted from a letter sent to TISA by the now deceased PIOUS Founder and Chair, Dr. Farooq I. Selod (RA), on June 19, 2019. Scholarship committee members include embers of Dr. Selod’s surviving family. Eligibility requirements can be found on the application form. 


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Community Partner Scholarships

Need-Based Scholarships

Although TISA has limited economic resources, our financial aid philosophy has been to never turn any qualified students because of their inability to pay. We have maintained that philosophy since we opened in the Fall of 2019 and continue to offer general need-based scholarships to all eligible students through our application process HERE.  

To further our efforts to meet the needs of underserved populations, in the Fall of 2022 we are launching a new series of need-based tuition free scholarships funded by our donors and co-sponsored by organizations who share our vision of a world constantly bettered by religious scholarship and ethical leadership. If you are a community organization and are interested in partnering with TISA to provide scholarship opportunities to your members, beneficiaries or program participants, please email us at:

*Not eligible for zakat and don’t qualify for a scholarship? Please visit our partner, A Continuous Charity, to learn about interest-free loans for higher education. for more information.

Through our strategic partnership with the Tayba Foundation, we are offering need-based, full-tuition scholarships to individuals recommended by Tayba leadership to pursue their Master’s level education at TISA. Tayba Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving individuals and families impacted by incarceration. Tayba believes in the power of human change through holistic education, guidance, and support. Their work is organized into three interrelated program areas: Education, Life Skills, and Reentry, and their mission deeply aligns with TISA’s efforts to develop leadership from and for underserved populations in the Muslim American community. 
Learn more about Tayba Foundation at:

Our new partnership with the Muslim Alliance in North America will enable us to reach more indigenous Muslim Americans who are motivated to serve as community leaders, educators, and chaplains, continuing to strengthen the foundation of our faith and traditions across North America. TISA is excited to offer need-based, full-tuition scholarships to individuals recommended by MANA leadership, who meet the necessary admission requirements for our Master’s level program. MANA is a broad-based coalition of Muslims dedicated to strengthening underserved and African American Muslim communities and institutions, assisting converts, striving for justice, and promoting the life-giving truth of Islam.

Learn more about MANA on their website at:

The Islamic Schools League of America envisions and works towards the day when Islamic schools will be the preferred centers for learning and leadership that nurture and encourage America’s youth to develop their innate creativity and inquisitive nature in the pursuance of academic excellence while anchoring their hearts and souls in a moral framework of a God-centered life. TISA is dedicated to supporting the development of stronger leaders in American Muslim communities across the nation. Our exciting new partnership with ISLA will enable us to, not only empower educators with the necessary tools and training to better meet the needs of their diverse student populations, but also to inspire the next generation of leaders who fill the seats of classrooms, cafeterias, and youth centers across America. 
Learn more about the ISLA on their website at:

Rabata works to build a better society through the educational and spiritual development of women by women, amplifying the female voice in scholarship and publishing, and graduating teachers and religious leaders ready to serve their communities. Rabata envisions a rising tide of Muslim women teachers, faith leaders, and community stewards in every digital and local neighborhood around the world. In our efforts to diversify leadership in American Muslim communities and empower women to take on the crucial roles of community and organizational leaders, educators, chaplains, and youth leaders, our strategic partnership with Rabata offers women recommended by Rabata leadership the opportunity to study at the Master’s Degree level at TISA and deepen their education and training as future Muslim leaders.

Learn more about Rabata on their website at:

The Muslim Endorsement Council’s mission is to provide a structure and process for the official endorsement and support of Muslim chaplains based on Islamic and pastoral principles and to establish a national standard for such endorsement in order to develop consistency and integrity in the field of Islamic chaplaincy. TISA works hard to train and develop Muslim Chaplains to meet the growing need for these qualified professionals in prisons, hospitals, educational institutions, military and mental health facilities across the nation. Our partnership with the MEC enables us to identify, train and cultivate Muslim Chaplains to the highest ethical and academic standards ensuring that every segment of our community have the professional support they spiritually thrive.

Learn more about MEC on their website at:


The MOMNetwork’s goal is to Empower, Engage, and Establish programs for MOMs and their families. MOMNetwork’s mission is to develop a community where MOMs receive the tools and support needed to be advocates for their families and themselves and provide a forum where women can take an active role in protecting their well-being and happiness. TISA is excited to offer need-based, full-tuition scholarships to those MOMS recommended by MOMNetwork’s leadership, who meet the necessary admission requirements for our programs. In our efforts to diversify leadership in American Muslim communities and empower all women to take on the crucial roles in their community and educate children and families.

Learn more about MOMNetwork  on their website at:

UTA-MSA is a student organization whose objective is to sustain a community that works towards pleasing Allah (SWT) through the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). We are striving towards the goal that no matter the cultural, social, or ethnic background, we can work together as Muslims to connect, build, and uphold a lifelong impact as the biggest Muslim-interest organization on campus through excellence in service, intellectual standard, character, and spirituality. The TISA Scholarship Program provides full tuition scholarships to eligible Muslim students who will be designated as “UTA-MSA’s Scholars” from underserved demographics to complete a 48 credit masters in Islamic Studies degree or a 72 credit MDiv program at TISA.

Learn more about UTA-MSA on their website at:

ACC promote the spiritual and intellectual development of Muslims throughout North America by providing interest-free loans for higher education. By doing this, they hope to bring about a generation of graduates that will have a strong Muslim identity and be well-versed in their fields, using both for the benefit of mankind. Many students have a hard time getting a higher education because of the soaring costs of colleges and universities. Our partner ACC can make it easier for them. Our strategic partnership with ACC offers students recommended by ACC leadership the opportunity to study at the Master’s Degree level at TISA to deepen their education and training as future Muslim leaders.

Learn more about ACC on their website at: