There are three types of students. Choose the appropriate application.

Regular Student

As a regular student, I am interested in pursuing a degree or graduate certificate, and therefore I am interested in taking courses for credit. I understand that I can pursue a degree or certificate at my own pace, but I will become an inactive student if I do not take any courses in an academic year. A regular student must have a BA or expect to receive a BA in the immediate future.


As an auditor, I am interested in registering for classes but I am not pursuing a degree or certificate, and therefore I am not interested in receiving credit or a grade for any course. I do however wish to participate and be counted as a student on the roster.

Digital Attendee

As an attendee, I am only interested in sitting in on certain lectures. I do not want credit. I will not participate in the course. I will not physically attend the intensive weekends (recordings will be made available). I will not be counted as a student on the roster.