There are three types of learners. Choose the appropriate application.

Regular Student

As a regular student, I am primarily interested in taking courses for credit. I understand that I can pursue a degree or certificate at my own pace if I chose to do so. I will become an inactive student if I do not take any courses in an academic year. To be considered as a prospective student, I must have a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, or expect to receive a Bachelor’s degree in the immediate future.


As a course auditor, I am only interested in participating in person and online, to be counted as a student and receive a certificate of attendance. I am not interested in being graded for coursework. I understand that TISA will not maintain a transcript for this particular course. My attendance will not be counted towards future credits at TISA.

Digital Observer

As a digital observer, I understand that I will not be able to attend classes in person. I’m only interested in listending to the live lectures online and in reviewing provided recordings of the in-person lectures. As a Digital Observer, I am not interested credit, nor will I be able to part-take in the course discussion. As such, TISA will not maintain a transcript for me as an observer. This means, that things like attendance cannot be counted towards future credits at TISA. Please note that this option is only available for select courses. Please be advised that access to materials related to the course is withdrawn at the close of the semester. Digital observers are able to follow the trajectory of the course in tandem with students. Courses are live, and therefore are not available for purchase or commercial recording.