Collaborative SMU
Master of Graduate Liberal Studies (MLS)

Concentration: Islamic Studies and TISA’s Master of Arts in Islamic Studies

This collaborative degree program with SMU and TISA involves students enrolling in both SMU’s Master of Liberal Studies-Concentration: Islamic Studies and TISA’s Master of Arts in Islamic Studies. Students will fulfill all the requirements of SMU’s program, which equals 36 hours, but will also take 21 extra hours in TISA’s Master program to receive a degree from both institutions. What this means is that TISA will accept all the hours from SMU, but a student must take from TISA certain essential courses to complete a degree at TISA. The logic for taking both degrees is that SMU offers an accredited degree in general Islamic Studies, and TISA’s degree adds a more in-depth slate of Islamic courses that will better prepare a student for service to the Muslim community. Students will receive two separate degrees—one from SMU and one from TISA.

Students can take the SMU Master of Liberal Studies—Concentration: Islamic Studies without pursuing at the same time TISA’s Master of Arts in Islamic Studies.

Students must separately enroll in both SMU’s Master of Liberal Studies and TISA’s Master of Arts in Islamic Studies.

SMU’s Master of Liberal Studies

Concentration: Islamic Studies

Masters of Liberal Studies’ Required Courses

(3 courses—9 credit hours)
  • The Human Experience: An Introduction to Liberal Studies
  • Writing Course
  • MLS Capstone

MLS Concentration: Islamic Studies

(6 courses from your area of concentration—18 credit hours)

Here are possible courses that a student can take from SMU.

  • Islamic Civilization
  • Islamic Law and Modernity
  • Modern Islamic Movements
  • Principles and Objectives of Islamic Law
  • Islam in America
  • Islam in State and Society
  • Islam and the American Civil Rights Movement

MLS Electives

(3 courses—9 credit hours)
  • Independent Study: Qur’anic Sciences and Commentary
  • Independent Study: Islamic Theology
  • Comparative Religion and Interfaith Dialogue
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Cultural Intelligence and Multicultural Communication
  • Organizational Communication
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Conflict and Communication
  • Living Systems: Understanding Organizational Dynamics
  • Organizational Change

TISA Master of Arts-Islamic Studies

Concentration: Islamic Sciences or Concentration: Islamic Leadership

TISA will accept the 36 hours from SMU’s Master of Liberal Studies, and many of these SMU courses will substitute for required courses in TISA’s Master of Arts in Islamic Studies. In addition to these MLS courses, a student must take five core courses for TISA’s MA-Islamic Studies and then take two extra courses for either the Concentration: Islamic Sciences or the Concentration: Islamic Leadership.

For the Concentration: Islamic Leadership

(2 courses—6 credit hours)

Imam and Chaplain Functions
Advanced Qur’an Memorization and Tajwid

For the Concentration: Islamic Sciences

(2 courses—6 credit hours)

Advanced Sirah
Evolution of Islamic Law and Usul al-Fiqh

TISA Masters of Arts-Islamic Studies core courses

(5 courses—15 credit hours)
  • Qur’anic Sciences and Tafsir (reading knowledge of Arabic required)
  • Hadith Sciences and Hadith Commentary (reading knowledge of Arabic required)
  • Advanced Aqidah (reading knowledge of Arabic required)
  • Fiqh al-Ibadat
  • Fiqh al-Mu’amalat (Marriage/Divorce, Inheritance, Economic Transactions) (reading knowledge of Arabic required)